How Many Types of Comedy

Types of Comedy:

Romantic Comedy:

Romantic comedies are staged even today and we find that most of the viewers are interested to watch for romantic comedies and that is why these comedies are mostly used in movies and we find that a lot of movies will fall under the genre of romantic comedies if you look at the origin of romantic comedies you will see that Elizabethan drama - started romantic comedies and the
the plot in romantic comedies involve a love affair between a beautiful lady and a boy and finally towards the end, there is a happy ending

2-Satiric Comedy:

satirical comedies are intended to satirize the political and social institutions and you'll see that Ben Jonson has actually said that such satiric comedies can be called as a corrective comedy because they're main the intention is to correct those social behaviors the followers of satiric comedies are arrest orphans or the famous Greek playwright and we also have Ben Jonson's Volpone and Alchemist falling under the category of satiric comedies.

3-Comedy of Humor:

This is a term which was created by Ben Jonson and Ben Jonson believed that all human beings have a personality and this personality is formed by the amalgamation of bodily fluids so bodily fluids are there and these four bodily fluids mixed together to form our personality imbalance of any of the bodily fluid will create comedy will create humor and that is how he created a new genre of comedy which is called comedy of humor.

4-Comedy of Manner:

a comedy of manners I'm pretty sure that comedy of manners would be a favorite genre of several literatures enthusiasts because it's a very fun filled John rrah comedy of manners talks about a story where the playwright is trying to ridicul the social class the social manners and you can see in the works of Oliver Goldsmith specifically, she Stoops to conquer then Richard Sheridan has written rivals and then you look at the works written by these writers you'll see that somewhere down the line they have also created stock characters stock characters are the characters which represent a certain section of society Plus you will also see a very very important thing when you look at these plays that unlike satire in all the plays which fall under the category of comedy of manners the playwright rewards the unjust character so these unjust characters these immoral characters they are not punished at the end just like we have it in satires but they are rewarded in the end because though entire purpose is to create comedy so everyone lives happily ever after this kind of situation happens even if you have committed some error you can see that in the world works of Oscar

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How to write articles?

Research Technique

The following Research Techniques:

Formulation of Research Problem:

What is the research problem? Research is the thing you would like to research on what is the question? Which is there in your mind before you want to carry out a research. It now this particular area should be of your
interest. You should be extremely passionate about it. only then this research will be fruitful you will be able to give you a hundred percent. In carrying out this research.
For example:
If I am very eager to know what are the possible causes of a panic attack.  Then I should start with this research question what are the possible causes of the Panic attack?

Review of literature:

literature is the theory, which has been written on a particular topic.
For Example:
If I want to do research on possible causes of a panic
the attack, then I need to read a lot about the panic attack before I can start with my research. so much abort codes partner panic attacks. I might need to read five-six good books written by great scholars about the panic attack also I need to look at other researchers and their findings who have either done something in the field of a panic attack or who've done some similar kind of research. I'll give you a very simple example suppose you want to research on Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movie and its impact on the society so before you begin with your research it's important that you've watched those movies you have read the reviews of critics about those movies you're read interviews of Sanjay Leela Bhansali talking about his movies and you also read the research papers of other research scholars who have done their
research on Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Development of Hypothesis:

hypothesis means a tentative answer which you are having in your mind before you even start the research now this answer can be proven true or false by the end of the research so hypotheses.

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Why is everyone always choosing Apple

Why is everyone always choosing Apple

Consistently dispatch Apple's iPhones have consistently increased a great deal of prevalence particularly in significant organizations and a ton of more youthful individuals now I feel like Apple's iPhones are great. They score truly well in the benchmarks and they likewise look great, however they never appear to pack enough highlights contrasted with these Samsung cell phones and other significant Android organizations. Out there's a Redditor that passes by a name of Jack gather facilitated not long ago in the Android subreddit to share a truly fascinating story, he works at an IT firm at an anonymous organization and his group saw something super insane and one of a kind of the 500 representatives at

this anonymous IT firm just eight of them are utilizing an Android cell phone every other person 492 of them picked iPhone/Android cell phones, so the IT group was truly intrigued so they gave a review to asked workers for what valid reason they picked an iPhone/an Android cell phone now a large portion of the representatives in the IT organization Gabey same answer you might be pondering is it since Apple's handsets look better or they're quicker or perhaps they simply like iOS yet you're off-base, this is a result of they

try not to need to be green air pockets that are a reference to the way that I message visits in the iPhone Metra's inches application utilize blue air pockets while the semester spread with green air pockets currently it's sort of insane however many individuals who use iPhones truly need to fit, in particularly

at the point when their companions and their families are utilizing iPhones they would prefer not to have a green air pocket springing up in the iMessage talks they need to have a blue air pocket now 95% of the workers at this organization went with Apple/Android. Most of them was a direct result of a solitary help iMessage visit hues presently remember that this one Mann is just extraordinary in the United States and maybe just a bunch of different locales. Presently different nations like Asia utilize other informing applications like WhatsApp and facebook delivery person message and they don't generally mind and they love utilizing Android cell phones, yet it's only a significant marvel here in the US that individuals don't utilize points with cell phones for the most part since they would prefer not to have the little green air pocket and this thing has been around in internet based life for a long while and there's other major YouTube recordings and articles discussing how a great many people would prefer not to utilize Android essentially on account of the iMessage application so everyone thanks

a debt of gratitude is in order for perusing this article.

The most expensive home on the planet

The most expensive home on the planet
In the downtown of Mumbai India not a long way from the destitution stricken ghettos on the eminent Altamont, street stands Antilia. The most costly home at any point made. This home climbs 27 stories extending 568 feet high giving.

The huge structure with prime perspectives on the Arabian Sea. In specialized terms, the house is the second most costly private property on the planet, considering Buckingham Palace is worth around five billion u.s. dollars.

In any case, Buckingham Palace is viewed as a crown property while Antilia is a private living arrangement and the most costly private property. At that with some valuing gauges as high as two billion dollars even still any rundown. In which a living arrangement is gone before by Buckingham Palace essentially ensures that spot will be over-the-top rich and is likely a house.

home there are a few roofs that are twofold or triple uplifted so the 27 defective high rise looks increasingly like a 50 or 60-story building would you be able to envision just being as tall as a normal 27-story building ludicrous on a portion of the lower floors there is a staggered vehicle parcel that can hold a hundred and sixty-eight vehicles. Counting Lou Cash's valuable rs5 crore Maybach a vehicle for big cheeses, some place in that vehicle parcel is likewise a vehicle administration station, yet on the off chance that vehicles aren't your style don't stress the home additionally has three helipads set on the rooftop barely any things state very rich person like more than one helipad on the rooftop both the private vehicle part and helipad are infringement of private standing rules in Mumbai .

Made out of nine lifts further up is a two-story entertainment focus with a lap pool, Gym, Juice Bar, move studio, and a yoga studio floors. The dance hall is embellished with different gem light fixtures. That spread

80% of the roof leaving a disgraceful 20 percent presented and unadorned to exploit the diversion center territories of the home. There's a cinema that sits 50 watchers there are numerous overhangs and patios with delicious nurseries hanging over the smooth fork help alongside the home. The vegetation appended to the sides of the structure are intended to assimilate daylight so as to keep the inside as cool as could be expected under the circumstances.

In the event that this extravagance wasn't sufficient of a getaway from the hot occupied boulevards of Mumbai, the home comes fitted with an ice room furnished with a snow generator intended to emulate a winter wonderland an inventive expansion equaled uniquely by any semblance of Willy Wonka the Immaculate. The structure was planned by engineers Perkins and will out of Chicago and the inside plan was supervised by An Australian organization called help Holdings while the 400,000 square foot the structure. Home to only six it's additionally intended to prepare for a staff of 600 cooks cleaners and security work force, with the goal that makes the size of the chateau less unreasonable right I twofold watched that detail coincidentally and I can affirm a hundred staff for each relative.

The structure is named after an amazing Island additionally considered the Isle of the Seven Cities the story of this island begins from an old Liberian legend. In which priests escaping from the Muslim triumph of Hispania disappeared to an island and made seven settlements. There's very little else on that great certainty and nobody appears to know why the of the home took to that famous island.

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Research Technique

How to write articles?

The quick and easy way writing articles for use in internet marketing and lead generation need not be hard and time-consuming. It really can be quick and easy to write the package and publish an article. That is 250 to 400 words in length as you will read you will learn the step by step, the process of doing just that let's begin:

There are six major parts to your article, they are your

  • Title 
  • Opening paragraph. 
  • Three main talking points
  • Your resource box.

The purpose of your title is to grab your readers attention you can get the title ideas from popular article sites and bookmarking sites. Such as "Digg" and "stumble" upon other ways to jump-start your title creativity is to be controversial or be very specific in your titles.

Opening paragraph: 

After your title, your opening paragraph lets your reader know, what your article is all about and why they should be interested in continuing to read you can start your opening paragraph by using an "if-then" statement.
Begin by telling a story or talk about the mistakes people most often make on the particular topic of your article here are a few opening lines that are proven to be effective. if you're trying to 'X' then here's how to save yourself 'Y' when it comes to 'X' here's what you should know about and then continue on after your opening line.

Three main talking points:

Then introduce your three main talking points, and also tell them the benefit of reading. The article and what pain they will avoid by reading. The articles now that you've written the opening paragraph. It's time to write the article the body which consists of your "Three main
talking point paragraphs" each of these three paragraphs could have three sub-points, that you can turn into sentences to help you write them quickly based on a simple outline. That you create open each talking point paragraph, with a general statement and then introduce and explain in more detail using each sub-point,
the content of the talking point paragraphs and of course you will want to create smooth transitions from one talking point to the next using phrases, that connect one idea to another it's also good to write a summary paragraph, to help the reader remember the important ideas and concepts. They should take away from reading the article and then smoothly transition.

The Resource Box:

The last major part of your article 'The resource box'. When crafting your resource box doesn't just end your article instead have your last main talking point transition into your resource box. You can make it a call to action but don't try to sell you can make an offer of more information a free report an audio-video or something else of high perceived value. The point is to get them to click and come to your site for the next action. You want them to take such as sign up for something so you now have them in your follow up database here's a few closing thoughts, don't make it hard to write articles don't try to reinvent. The wheel just model the success of others keep it simple and right conversationally come back in a day to proofread and check your spelling and grammar don't make it a sales letter or full of hype don't plagiarize the work of others and be sure to consider turning your articles into audio and video versions too for alternative ways to get traffic to your sites. If you'd like more information on getting more traffic more sales and more results from everything you do online visit internet
success system com

Region's biggest library for children in Abu Dhbai

Region's biggest library for children opens in Abu Dhabi. This library features over 35,000 books in multiple languages. It aims to encourage youngsters to read, learn, discover and dream.

Located next to the capital city's oldest landmark, Qasr al Hosn. The children's library is spread over three floors. The 5250 Square meter facility is divided into several age-appropriate social spaces. It has interactive learning and play spaces includibg writing storytelling and filmmaking activities for children and teens.

The library is part of the new spaces created at the cultural foundation. It marks the completion of renovation and maintenance work at a major cultural landmark in the capital. A 900-seat theatre as also inaugurated recently.

Other new additions include a visual arts exhibition and Art studios, and the house of calligraphy (Bait Al Khatt). With the completion of renovation works and this significant site, Abu Dhabi's communities and visitors will enjoy even greater access to culture, Arts, Literature experiences that enrich educate and entertain.

Note: Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan member of the ABU DHABI EXECUTIVE CONCILE AND CHAIRMAN OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.
I hope this article is helpful for you thanks.

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How Many Types of Comedy

Oldest Religions in the world


Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the year 622 ad in Mecca. The religion finds its roots in the region of Persia. The holy book of this religion is the Quran. The basic teachings of Islam are called the five pillars of faith and comprise confession of faith prayer giving arms fasting during Ramadan making pilgrim to Mecca as of 2010. There are 1.6 billion adherents of Islam that makes 23 percent of the whole population this is the second-largest religion number 9


The origin of Hinduism can be traced to the Indus Valley Civilization. It came into existence around 4000 BC. The basis of belief of Hinduism is the unity of everything. Hindus follow a strict caste system. Which determines the standing of each person the sacred book of Hinduism is Bhagavad-gita with a total of 1 billion followed in the world. It makes 13% of the total population of the world and it is the third-largest religion In the world.


Christianity originated as a breakaway sect of Judaism nearly 2,000 years ago. Its originated in Jerusalem. it is based on teachings of Jesus Christ and holy book "Holy Bible".  Traditional Christianity believes Jesus is the Son of God. The Holy Spirit his life on Earth. An estimated 2.2 billion adherents nearly 31 percent of the total population of Earth number 8


It was founded by Laos A A contemporary of Confucius in China, It was adopted as a state religion in 440 ad this region originated in China. The main teaching of Taoism is in their holy book named "Tao Zi Jing" which has teaching attributed to "Lao Zi".  It is widely considered the keystone work of Taos tradition. Later writing of Swanzey Taoism gave birth to Tai Chi. A technique of exercise using
slow deliberate movements to balance the force of energy or Chi within the body. It gave birth to the concept of yin and yang which symbolized pair of opposites, which are seen throughout the universe such as good and evil light and dark male and female. It ranks the eighth largest religion in the world with twenty million followers.


Jainism was founded by Wertham, on last China in a series of
24. Who lived in East India the two main sects of this religion are Digambar "mSATA mara". It came into origin in 420 BC Lord Muhammad the last hanker. Formed the teachings of China's own which are is A A self-sacrifice God worship of 24,000
CRA's no faith in sacrifice ritualism no faith in caste system attainment of salvation and next life and karma theory according to the 2001 census of India, there are 4.2 million gents living there.


Confucianism was originated by a Kun Food Soup, he was born in 551 BC instead of Lu in China. The religion came into existence in 500 BC. The sacred texts of Confucianism are in the five books that the legend states. Confucius wrote in the book of history the book of poetry the Book of Changes the book of rites and the spring and autumn. There are almost six million followers of Confucianism in the world.


Shinto is a formal state religion of Japan. It was first used in 6th century AD, but its roots go back to sixth century BC. The sacred texts of this religion are in two books the Kojiki and Danny Hong Ji. There are almost 3 million followers of Shinto in the world.


Buddhism originated from the teachings of Siddharth cotton,  who in 535 BC reached enlightenment and assumed the title of Buddha. The religion originated in 500 BC. The three patacas Mahayana sutras and the dividend book of dead are the three major non-canonical Buddhist texts. Buddhism is practiced by 488 million people in the world representing 7 to 8%
of the total population number 3

Languages of India

Today we're going to discuss one of the most phonetically different nations on the planet. That nation is India. The specific number of dialects spoken among India's 1.3 billion individuals is difficult to pinpoint precisely. Various sources give various numbers, and that is mostly in light of the fact that they have various thoughts regarding what can be delegated a different language rather than a lingo.

As per Ethnologue, there are 448 dialects.

As per the People's Linguistic Survey of India, there are 780 dialects, and afterward there is the Indian Census information. On the Indian statistics, individuals can call their first language anything they desire,

what's more, there was an aggregate of 19,569 distinctive language names among the reactions. Obviously that is excessively high. There aren't even that numerous dialects in the entire world.

A few people most likely simply call a similar language by various names relying upon their territory or ethnicity. Those 19,969 names were assembled into 1369 native languages, and every one of those primary languages is additionally gathered under one of 121 dialects. Yet, that just incorporates dialects with at least 10,000 speakers, so there must be more. India has two authority dialects at the national level. Hindi, and English.

There are additionally 22 planned dialects. These are perceived and supported by the national government.

The Indo-Aryan family, a part of the Indo-European language family, which is prevalent in northern India, and the Dravidian language family, which is dominating in southern India. The rest of has a place with the Austro-Asiatic, Sino-Tibetan, and Tai-Kadai language families.

communicated in dialects in India as per the evaluation. For every language, the numbers incorporate the entirety of the native languages related with that language. In the event that we characterize the language all the more barely, at that point the numbers may be lower for every language. For instance, the aggregate for Hindi incorporates the dialects of the Hindi Belt,

the territory where Hindi-legitimate structures a lingo continuum with related dialects like the "Rajasthani dialects", "Bihari dialects", and the "Pahari dialects". These dialects are semantically unmistakable from Hindi yet are firmly identified with it, and since Hindi is the primary authority language in the conditions of the Hindi Belt, individuals regularly think about their dialects as nearby assortments of Hindi. It doesn't, in any case, incorporate Urdu, despite the fact that Urdu and Hindi are basically similar dialects with various standard structures.

The cause of the Dravidian dialects isn't known, and they share no reasonable connections with some other language family. In any case, there are speculations that the Dravidian dialects could be connected with the Uralic language family, including Hungarian and Finnish, or the contested Altaic language family, which incorporates Turkish, Mongolian, Korean and Japanese.

The most established existing Dravidian works are the Tamil Brahmi engravings, some of which go back to the third or fourth century BCE.

Some more as of late found engravings possibly more established. in spite of the fact that we don't have unique engravings of those. Remember that these are only the most seasoned engravings and writing that we think about, The dialects are absolutely more seasoned than that.

For Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam, I've seen claims that Sanskrit words represent 65-80% of the jargon, yet I don't know there's a method to ascertain that with exactness. The facts demonstrate that recorded as a hard copy and in taught discourse, a ton of Sanskrit words are utilized, yet significantly less so in the provincial regions and among less educated individuals. While the Dravidian dialects have been impacted by Sanskrit.

the Indo-Aryan dialects are legitimately slipped from Sanskrit.

Be that as it may, Sanskrit and its related vernaculars formed after some time into Prakrits. These Prakrit dialects at that point formed into the Indo-Aryan dialects of northern India, much similarly that Latin formed into Vulgar Latin, and afterward into the Romance dialects.

One notable Prakrit is Pali.

Magadhi is the progenitor of the eastern Indo-Aryan dialects, including Bengali and others. Shauraseni Prakrit is the predecessor of the focal Indo-Aryan dialects, which incorporate the Hindi dialects. Maharashtri Prakrit is the predecessor of the southern Indo-Aryan dialects, including Konkani, Marathi,as well as Sinhala, of Sri Lanka, and Dihevi of the Maldives. Similarly as the Dravidian dialects have been affected by Sanskrit, the Indo-European dialects have likewise been impacted by Dravidian dialects, because of contact throughout the centuries. Indeed, even Sanskrit contains some Dravidian jargon, phonetic impact, and linguistic impact. In any case, impact has likewise occurred after some time from that point forward, because of constant contact, particularly in dialects circumscribing the Dravidian zones, similar to Marathi and Odia.

As a major aspect of the Indo-European language family, One significant component of the Indo-Aryan dialects is that Here are a couple of basic instances of consistently words in Hindi, that originated from Persian. Those are only a couple of instances of the numerous words that are utilized.

It's intriguing to take note of that in Urdu, these words are the equivalent, however look precisely like the Persian words since Urdu is written in the Perso-Arabic content. There was substantially less Persian effect on the Dravidian dialects. That is presumably in light of the fact that northern India was more reliably under Muslim control than the south. It's additionally likely on the grounds that the Indo-Aryan dialects are nearer to Persian in the first place. which outskirts Bhutan.

Meitei is the official language of the territory of Manipur, which fringes Myanmar. The numerous Sino-Tibetan dialects in north-eastern India have a place with the Tibeto-Burman sub-family and are gathered geologically into a part of Tibeto-Burman, however the specific connection between a considerable lot of these dialects is indistinct. In spite of its moderately little territory and populace. what's more, the other authority language of Assam. While its jargon depends on Assamese, its sentence structure is established in Tibeto-Burman dialects. One of the 22 booked dialects, spoken in various states in eastern and north-eastern India. There are various different dialects in India having a place with a similar Munda part of Austro-Asiatic. Austro-Asiatic doesn't sound indigenous to India, isn't that right? The Austro-Asiatic language family is the family that incorporates Vietnamese and the Khmer language of Cambodia. Contents are one of the most captivating parts of India's phonetic assorted variety.

As indicated by the People's Linguistic Survey of India, All of these Dravidian contents are additionally used to compose various minority dialects and Sanskrit, in their individual districts Even however these contents all got from a similar source, having the option to peruse one doesn't mean you can peruse the others without first learning them.

Also, that carries me to a significant inquiry. With the entirety of this etymological assorted variety, how do Indians speak with individuals who communicate in various local dialects?

All things considered, my comprehension is that, in northern India, on the grounds that the Indo-Aryan dialects are firmly related, they can turn out to be commonly clear through introduction. Be that as it may, without introduction, their speakers can most likely simply select certain words in the other language.

Numerous non-Hindi speakers can comprehend Hindi through presentation,

despite the fact that they will most likely be unable to talk it well indeed.

So on the off chance that they converse with a Hindi speaker, at that point there might be single direction clarity or unbalanced understandability.

For more data about Indian language, we will distribute. I trust you got some information with artical please give your criticism through remark area thanksInteresting Topics:

Research Technique

Language of West Africa

Today we're going to take a gander at the WOLOF language, some of you have presumably never even known about WOLOF language however it's a significant language of West Africa. through this artical you may even know a smidgen of WOLOF language.

WOLOF was one of the dialects expressed among African slaves.

American English by means of African American vernacular English the greater part of them were brought into the standard through the prominence of jazz music.

They incorporate "jive Digg", "Juke" as in "jukebox" and hip these words may appear to be somewhat obsolete now, yet they were significant words in American culture in the twentieth century.

The word banana may likewise be of mass of starting point however it entered English by means of Spanish or Portuguese.

Wolof language is spoken by in any event 6,000,000 local speakers. Most by far of them in Senegal were around 40% of the populace talks it as a local language.

Be that as it may, WOLOF is additionally utilized as a most widely used language all through quite a bit of Senegal, So including second language speakers around 80% of the populace can talk it and I've considered assessments to be high as 90% the official language of Senegal.

is French not WOLOF but rather Wolfe is the most generally communicated in language it's likewise spoken by around 20% of the individuals in the Gambia remembering the greater part of the individuals for the capital city.

Niger-Congo language family which is otherwise called the northern Atlantic branch the name well if implies individuals of affection a region in present-day.

Senegal where the Jollof Empire additionally was known as the WOLOF Empire was set up toward the finish of the fourteenth century.

Due nearness of Arab merchants in the area most mass of individuals changed over to Islam in late hundreds of years.

seventeenth century and completely vanquished Senegal during the nineteenth century it stayed a French frontier domain until 1960.

Some Features of Wolof:

  • No tones: Wolof contains prenasalized. These are combinations of nasal sounds and stops which function as individual consonants.
  • Noun Classes: Like most niger-congo languages, Wolof has a system of noun classes.
  • Personal Pronouns: WOLOF has three sets of personal pronouns(Independent pronoun, object pronoun, and subject pronoun)
  • Verb: The verb itself is not conjugated. The subject pronoun is inflected

Maybe it's champion element is its verbal framework which utilizes bent pronouns. Which cooperate with to a great extent unchangeable action words to make a rich arrangement of articulation. in this article we just started to expose what's underneath and there are more developments that show various occasions angles and states of mind and there are extra highlights of the language that are past the extent of this article however ideally it started your advantage and you discovered some new information.

London Fabrics Shopping Streets

London is a huge city, and if you're new to sewing and tailoring or new to London. You might not know the best places to find! what you're looking for now obviously this article. I'm not going to mention every fabric store to go to but I'm gonna mention the three best main places.

1-Liverpool Street:

There are three main places in Liverpool Street, but my favorite place is Brick Lane because of the shopping stores are very grand and too many items verity available here.

2-Oxford Street

In Oxford Street, their many fabric stores are here but the negative point of Oxford street is they quite expensive. Overall I think it's a really lovely place to wander around even if you have no intention of buying fabric. But if you have a too much money then can you buy from here. For Example, Silver Fabric store has stunning fabrics very expensive.

3-Doric Street:

Doric Street has a great selection of fashion and tailoring fabrics, so you could find what you're looking for if you're a fashion student. This market is a favorite market for the students, but this shopping too much expensive.

4-Shepherd's Bush Station:

Shepherd's Bush Station and it's also called Gold hawk Road. There are fabric stores, you can buy fashion fabrics from here easily. It's famous for its tailoring suiting fabrics. The great thing about this street is you can haggle they have huge amounts of and overall fabrics available here.
If you want to buy some fabrics from here you'd pay 50 or 60 for the suit.